27 March 2005

Two links

While I work on a longer essay on philosophy and physics, I leave you with two recent opinion pieces.

One is a spot-on op-ed from the Washington Post, which I saw in my local paper this morning, on Town of Castle Rock, Colo. vs. Jessica Gonzales, a case before the Supreme Court asking whether the Castle Rock police violated the 14th Ammendment when they ignored Gonzales' legitimate concerns over her daughters' safety after they were kidnapped by her ex-husband. The editorial goes on to talk more generally about the importance of protecting women from domestic abuse. Here's what happens when women try to stop the abuse (27 March 2005)

The other is this week's "What Do You Think" from The Onion. Generally, WDYT is funny but not actively arguing a side; this week it is very clear that the editors of The Onion are enraged about drilling in the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge. The comments are insightful and pointed. Oil Drilling In Alaska (23 March 2005)

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