19 March 2005

Shall we?

A new blog is always an adventure, or at least a gamble, or maybe a new blog is just a question. A number of questions, not entirely unrelated: Will it be any good? Will the writer ever post anything? What will the posts be about? And what the hell does the title mean?

I hope the answers to the first two questions are yes and yes, respectively, and I'm pretty sure the third's answer includes words like "nuanced", "detailed", "gender", "liberal", and "politics". Perhaps any sentence that mentions all of those guarantees that I have incorrectly guessed the answer to the first question --- this certainly is not the first member of the blogosphere's progressive political contingent --- and if my second answer is wrong (I moonlight, or, rather, sunlight as a student at an elite west-coast university, so my blogging levels vary wildly), then The Orange Juice Files will be merely a collection of occasional musings.

Which brings me to that dreaded fourth question, that attempt at attaching a connection between signifier and signified. In fact, there is none beyond the observation, upon registering for Blogspot, that my usual internet handle loaned itself very well to a slightly whimsical and utterly irrelevant blog title. Read as much or as little into that complete-breakfast-balancing glass of calcium-enriched, lots-of-pulp beverage; perhaps if you drink all the liquid you will be able to divine your horoscope from the sludge at the bottom.

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