07 September 2005

They said to write to my Governor

Dear Governor Kulongoski,

I would like to voice my support for the California Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, AB 849, which passed the Assembly yesterday in a close 41-39 vote. When you next see the California Governor, please give him my love or ire depending on whether he stands up for equality (and, incidentally, for what he has indicated he actually believes) or bows to pressures from the President and the Republican Base. I'm glad I don't have to worry about similar Party pressures on my governor.

It was a sad day last November when my fellow Oregonians restricted by constitutional amendment Oregon's ability to grant equal status so non-hetero- and heterosexual couples. I urge you, in the wake of California's momentous trendsetting, to do what you can to reverse this. Rekindle your efforts in the Oregon Legislature. And continue to support equality.


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